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Education Resources on Fossil Fuel Divestment

As charged by the 2013 Diocesan Convention in its approval of Resolution #5, the Bishop’s Committee for the Environment (BCE) has developed education materials for congregations in the Diocese of Olympia pertaining to fossil fuel divestment and the unfolding crisis of climate change. These education resources include:

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2 thoughts on “Fossil Fuel Divestment

  1. John Pearson

    Dear Sirs: I agree we should shoft from fossil fuels to other, safer energy sources especially renewables. However, rather than just divestment, I’d like to see the diocese establish an alternative energy program funded by income from our fossil fuel investments, which would help our local churches install insulation; design and construct energy-saving structures; and install solar and wind systems. My family has benefited handsomely from Standard Oil (now Exxon), probably going back to the days when it owned Anaconda Copper. In return, I’ve solarized my house, purchased an electric motor scooter and am funding a rooftop solar project on Redeemer Episcopal, Kenmore. We’re awaiting a design and bid from a local vendor.

    1. J.B. Hoover

      Funding projects that decrease our carbon footprint with profits from fossil fuel companies is a great idea if these are PAST profits. However, now that we know the intentions of these companies (to exploit and burn their fossil fuel reserves) and the effect of these intentions (“crater the planet”), we cannot in good conscience remain invested in them, even if our plan is to use the profits to lower our personal or parish carbon footprint. Certainly it is a challenge to find suitable investments that are socially and environmentally responsible, yet still are financially responsible to the extent that they allow us to do good work with the proceeds. Let us respond positively to this challenge, fully divest from all fossil fuel companies, and find alternative investments that are aligned with our values.


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