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Crossing the Seas to Care for Creation

Delegation from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines Visiting in April

Update:  EDSP Delegation Itinerary (Revised Apr. 10, 2015)

CrossingTheSeasToCareForCreationVisitors from our partner diocese, the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines (EDSP), will soon be crossing the seas. A delegation led by Bishop Danilo Bustamante is arriving in Seattle on April 10. Others in the delegation are Dean Johnny Labasan, Development Director Sergio Bacas, Social Ministry Coordinator Rosanne Imperial, Program Assistant for Evangelism Flora May Lobaton, and Felicidad de Guzman, an instructor at the local college and a member of the EDSP partnership committee.

We are so looking forward to returning the warm hospitality the EDSP has shown visitors from the Diocese of Olympia. Hosting churches are St. Andrew, Seattle; St. John, Snohomish; Saint Mark Cathedral, Seattle; St. Stephen, Longview; and St. Mary, Lakewood. Each host church is planning events open to everyone in the diocese where people can meet this delegation see their presentation about the EDSP and its ministries.

More details are available in the EDSP delegation itinerary.

EDSP Visit Postponed

CrossingTheSeasToCareForCreationOur friends from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines (EDSP) have reluctantly postponed their planned trip to our diocese which was scheduled for later this month. Visas were denied to the young adults of the delegation. After prayer and discussion, Bishop Bustamante and the group decided to postpone their visit until April 2015 in the hope that the visa issues can be resolved. The young adults had worked in the nursery and the diocesan office and spoken to youth groups, raising awareness of the challenges of climate change. They had also prepared a presentation about how the EDSP’s work in growing and planting trees supports our joint mission. The young adults, who all lead youth ministries, planned to share their experiences here with other young people in the EDSP. The rest of the delegation is determined to stand with these impressive young adults.

The Olympia partnership team and diocesan staff are committed to helping the EDSP delegation with the travel document issues. The Stewardship Commission and the Bishop’s Committee for the Environment are planning to hold a national conference in April 2015 on the Fifth Mark of Mission which will build upon our experience in hosting the Healing our Planet Earth conference in 2008. We look forward to hosting the EDSP delegation during that time so they can share our mission with a wider audience.

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Nancy McConnell


Crossing the Seas to Care for Creation

CrossingTheSeasToCareForCreationWho’s crossing the seas?  A delegation from the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Philippines (EDSP) will be visiting our diocese later this month. The EDSP is our partner in the carbon offset project and caring for creation. The delegation will be led by Bishop Danilo Bustamante and will include young adults active in youth ministry.

Between July 25 and August 11 they will be visiting churches throughout the diocese. They will see western Washington’s sustainable farming, visit church gardens, and learn about our church missions. Our visitors are bringing with them a presentation showing what the partnership has meant to their diocese. Their work is impressive.  Since Bishop Rickel and Bishop Bustamante signed the agreement in February, 2012, the EDSP has raised from seed and planted over 5,000 mahogany, rubber, coconut, and fruit trees. The worship services and fellowship meals are open to all. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at or check for more details.

Oh, yes…they will be flying, not sailing to Seattle! Since both diocesan logos include a ship we used it in the image.


Nancy McConnell, Chair

Bishop’s Committee for the Environment