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An Open Letter to the Board of Directors Regarding Their Decision to Continue Investing in the Fossil Fuel Industry

An Open Letter to the Board of Directors

An Open Letter to the Board of Directors

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Dear Friends,

February 13 and February 14 are Global Divestment Days. People around the world – students, church members, outdoor enthusiasts, parents – are participating in activities and events which draw attention to the dangers posed by the continued use of carbon fuels. As you may know, a resolution requesting that the Board of Directors divest of two fossil fuel stocks in the Diocesan Divestment Fund, Exxon and Chevron, passed at the 2013 diocesan convention.  On January 15, 2015, after consideration and polling of invested parishes, the Board of Directors declined to divest.

The Bishop’s Committee for the Environment regrets this decision. The Open Letter to the Board of Directors summarizes its reasons and its determination to continue the conversation. Together as a church we must consider the consequences of climate change for our earth, for its threatened species, and for its poorest people.

The BCE will consider ways to support the growing divestment movement within our church and within our communities.  Please don’t hesitate to join this conversation. Our monthly meetings (2nd Thursday of the month, 6 PM) are open to all.  Phone conference is available for those throughout the Diocese of Olympia.


Nancy McConnell